The plant aid for vital plants with high yields.

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Our natural plant strengthening product for foliar application supports plant growth and increases yields in viticulture. Lithoplant® reduces heat stress and sunburn and thus minimizes the negative effects of climate change. The vines are therefore more productive and improve wine quality in a natural way.

reduces heat stress

and increases defense against abiotic stress factors

protects against sunburn

and thus improves the harvest quality

lowers the temperature

on leaves and berries - positive effect on photosynthetic activity

Water and mineral buffer

on the leaves

Protects against sunburn and improves wine quality in a natural way.

Lithoplant® is a natural plant aid of mineral origin to mitigate the negative effects of climate change. The product consists of the multifaceted mineral clinoptiolite zeolite. As a true all-rounder, lithos natural zeolite® is already being used successfully in numerous areas.

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The correct application against sunburn in viticulture

Due to its versatility, Lithoplant® offers a wide range of applications in agriculture and is convincing with its use against sunburn and heat stress in viticulture. The ultra-fine grinding enables the best sprayability.

The application to protect against sunburn starts from BBCH 77 (beginning of grape closure), as a preventive application to protect against sunburn in white and red wine varieties that are sensitive to the variety. The product is applied by spraying in the grape zone. At intervals of 14-21 days or when the coating is no longer sufficiently visible, 2-3 applications can be applied.

Application to protect against abiotic stress factors is carried out from BBCH 11 (start of leaf development) every 7-14 days, in combination with other treatments. As Lithoplant® is a natural plant aid, there is no waiting period.

Application rates in viticulture

Protection against sunburn - from BBCH 77, 2-3 applications with 4 kg Lithoplant® per ha, 2-4% in 100-200 l water

Protection against abiotic stress factors - from BBCH 11, every 7-14 days 2 kg Lithoplant® per ha

Packaging size

Paper bag: 15 kg


available from specialist retailers in Austria

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