Our lithos natural zeolite®

Our high-quality material

lithos natural zeolite® is a zeolite that is rich in clinoptilolite. Thanks to our years of experience, research and know-how, we are convinced of the versatility and numerous useful properties of this volcanic mineral in farming.

The advantages of lithos natural zeolite

  • Extremely stable crystalline structure with extremely fine channels and cavities
  • Large inside surface (porosity)
  • High cation exchange capacity with selectivity series for exchanging ions
  • High adsorption capacity of specific molecules
  • Large water storage capacity of up to 40% of its own weight without affecting its structure
  • Memory, buffer and slow release function

Quality. With reliability.

Drawn from our own source, lithos natural zeolite® is mined and processed under strict quality standards. Our sister company Lithos Natural GmbH has stood for quality for more than 15 years, demonstrated by their certificates.

Lithos Natural GmbH is certified according to:

  • EN ISO 9001:2015

 Lithos Natural GmbH is listed according to:

  • FIBL

Regular training, analyses and audits are carried out in order to guarantee this level of quality and high safety standards. High end-to-end quality along the whole production chain is of enormous importance to us.