protecting plants. empowering nature.

We believe in a future that is in harmony with nature. A future in which natural farming is a source of both food and biodiversity. A future in which sustainable and high quality food is produced efficiently. This is our vision, and we work towards it every day with our solutions.

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Our natural products

Protecting plants - empowering nature. That is our credo and that is what our products ensure. We are constantly expanding our product portfolio with natural products that go hand in hand with good yields and thriving biodiversity.

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From nature. With nature. Our biologicals.

We are researching innovative methods to develop solutions for a natural tomorrow in agriculture. This ranges from fertilisers, plant auxiliaries and biostimulants to crop protection. Our high-quality raw material  lithos natural zeolite® plays a key role in this. The patented lithos micro dispenser® technology platform developed by us is used for the controlled application of sex pheromones to naturally reduce pests by means of a confusion method. With this and many other innovative technologies, we are working towards a sustainable future.

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First sprayable pheromone to protect maize: pherolit®-d 

For the first time, we are developing and registering the naturally derived female pheromone of the corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera) for large-scale use in maize. The lithos micro dispenser® technology as a carrier enables targeted disruption of mating. 

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Our natural biocontrol solutions

The western corn rootworm (also known as Diabrotica virgifera virgifera) is the nightmare of all maize producers. pherolit®-d is our natural solution for controlling the corn rootworm. With the first sprayable pheromone for the protection of maize, we have developed and registered the naturally derived female pheromone of Diabrotica v. v. for large-scale use in maize. With lithos micro dispenser® technology as a carrier, mating can be disrupted in a targeted manner.

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