Our story

protecting plants. 

empowering nature.

The story behind Lithos Crop Protect is inspired by a powerful belief. It all started at Lithos Natural GmbH, who are now our sister company. It is here that our high quality natural raw material – lithos natural zeolite® – was first mined, processed and sold. The belief that this mineral can be used in so many ways, and especially for supporting the growth of plants, was just the beginning. Before long we became absolutely convinced that this could turn into an important contribution to the future of farming. Our managing director, Dr. Franz Reitbauer, followed his vision and founded Lithos Crop Protect GmbH. The small company took shape in Ennsdorf, in the middle of Austria. They looked for, and found, the best people from a wide variety of sectors. Since then, the team has been working on the crop protection product of the future – one that features very specific effects, helps to conserve biodiversity and does not reduce crop yields. The small company has grown and moved to a new location, but the goal has remained the same: to contribute to a sustainable tomorrow and ensure food sovereignty for future generations. Inspired by nature, for nature. Guided by this inspiration, we continue to work with our employees, partners and investors on solutions for farming of the future. The vision is clear, the focus is on the goal: a future with natural farming in which people all over the world can grow their own food and live in harmony with nature.

Ecology or economy? Both, naturally!

Responsible crop protection makes a valuable contribution to ensuring that farming thrives sustainably while maintaining our livelihoods at the same time. That is why we are putting so much effort into developing innovative and high-quality solutions and bringing them to market. Our wide range of natural products proves that there is almost always a way to protect crops in a way that is efficient in both ecological and economic terms.

Working together with universities, research institutes, laboratories, national authorities, interest groups and, above all, farmers, we have developed a range of natural crop protection products over more than 10 years of research, always with the same goal in mind: To combat pests effectively without harming the environment. We are proud of the fact that our products can be used in both conventional and organic farming. Our customers include large-scale crop farmers as well as smaller organic farms.

Today, all farming production processes face the challenge of producing food for humans and feed for animals that is both ecologically sustainable and economically viable. On every continent, there are crops that need to be protected from pests of various kinds. We want to contribute to meeting this global challenge.