Research and development

With our experience and know-how on the subject of pheromones and formulations, we look forward to developing the following joint projects:

  • Using lithos micro dispenser® technology for volatile substances and new active ingredients
  • Using lithos natural zeolite® as an active additive for existing and new formulations
  • Custom synthesising pheromones
  • Providing pheromone analysis services

Partners and research

As a small team with a great deal of experience, our research and develop work is carried out in Austria. However, due to our many cooperations and joint projects, we are in contact with a large network of scientists, biotech companies as well as farmers in Europe and internationally. This network is essential for our work and opens up many opportunities in research. We are also in contact with scientific cooperation partners - including universities and technical colleges - as well as with farmers and agricultural schools and experts in this industry. Our investors are important partners for both know-how and financing. We are proud to have been awarded EU innovation funding for the second time. 

About our partners

lithos natural zeolite®

Our high-quality lithos natural zeolite® material is rich in clinoptilolite. Following our years of research and know-how, we are convinced that this product will have many other useful applications in agriculture. That is why we are also involved in further research projects for possible zeolite applications in the future.

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